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          汽車音樂網 www.aqh86.com.cn
          • 姓名:VIXX
          • 性別: 組合
          • 別名: 暫無
          • 國籍: 韓國
          • 語言:
          • 出生地: 暫無
          • 生日: 暫無
          • 星座: 暫無
          • 身高: 暫無
          • 體重: 暫無
          • 人氣:
          • 更新時間:2016-01-09




          Combination name VIXX
          Respective companies JellyFish Entertainment
          Debut May 24, 2012
          VIXX by Korea JellyFish Entertainment to build six new boy band . In his debut on the eve of thousands of fans will have passed . The " Voice of hegemony " in the world .
          Mission Name meaning : Voice, Visual, Value in Exelsis, meaning the singer to become the highest
          Members Information
          Real name : Cha hak yeon / car school extension
          The stage name : N / Oh nn
          Position: Captain / Dancer
          Birthday: 1990.06.30
          Height : 179CM
          Weight: 65kg
          Blood Type: A
          Language : Japanese ( strong )
          Features : strong leadership . With excellent performances and dance strength, with grades NO.1 mind. After failing to do first speaks to the fact that wins eloquent .
          True personality : passionate , fragile heart tears prince
          Experience: 2011 starred in "Shake it up" MV / Xu Renguo
          2011 starred in MV / brian ( Zhou Minkui )
          2012 starred in " Gwanghwamun Love Song " musical
          Real name : Jeong tae woon / Zheng Taikun
          The stage name : Leo / Leo
          Position : Vocal
          Birthday: 1990.11.10
          Height : 183CM
          Weight: 63kg
          Blood type: Type 0
          Hobbies: Casual Concert
          Hate: disturbed during practice
          Features : Personalized quiet. Watch timely as there is heart smile, there is the occasional mutation funny voice. There are sophisticated and arrogant poker face, there is a solid and generous sports figure, charismatic singing and dance as flexible flow lines .
          Experience :2004 -2007 youth national football team players
          2011 starred in "Shake it up" MV / Xu Renguo
          2011 starred in MV / brian ( Zhou Minkui )
          Real name : Lee jae hwany / Lee Jae- Hwan
          The stage name : Ken / Kay nn
          Position : Vocal
          Birthday: 1992.04.06
          Height : 180CM
          Weight: 65kg
          Blood Type: AB
          Features: mild and mimic sounds strong, transparent glass-like cartoon characters . And the captain feeling good .
          Experience: the award-winning song competitions
          Real name : Kim won sik / Gold Yuan Zhi
          The stage name : Ravi / ra bi
          Position : Rapper / Dancer
          Birthday: 1993.02.15
          Height : 183CM
          Weight: 65kg
          Blood Type: O
          Features: with strong abdominal muscles, highly lethal rich smile, Korean rap strength .
          Dream: to become MC
          Hate: hungry, where thick dust
          Experience: 2011 starred in "Shake it up" MV / Xu Renguo
          2011 starred in MV / brian ( Zhou Minkui )
          Real name : Lee hong bin / Li Hongbin
          The stage name : Hongbin /Bldg nn nn
          Position : Vocal / Rapper
          Birthday: 1993.09.29
          Height : 181CM
          Weight: 62kg
          Blood type: B
          Languages: English, Japanese ( basic / effort to make foreign language pronunciation exercises )
          Features : with highly infectious eyes, full of charm dimples, handsome appearance and solid abs. James Dean was advocating like style ( have changed )
          Experience: 2011 starred in "Shake it up" MV / Xu Renguo
          2012 starred in "Let this die" MV / brian ( Zhou Minkui )
          2012 starred in MV / MV / Xu Renguo
          Appreciate artists: Park Hyo Shin
          Real name : Han sang hyuk / Han Sang Hyuk
          The stage name : He / Hiroshi ku
          Position : Dancer
          Birthday: 19950705
          Height : 181CM
          Weight: 62kg
          Blood type: B
          Hometown: Ota
          Hobbies: dancing, singing
          Features : with pure and shy smile , lethal rich emotion.
          Hate: unfair thing